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  • Opening Ceremony of “External Training Base” for the School of Foreign Languages Shanghai University
    October 22, 2011, upon authorization by the School of Foreign Languages Shanghai University (the ‘School’), the Opening Ceremony of “External Training Base” was successfully held in Shanghai Kunlun Translation Co., Ltd. Professor Feng Qi, Associate Dean of the School, Director Zheng Jiasheng and Teacher Xu of the School attended the ceremony.To promote such talent cultivating mode via enterpris...
  • Appraisal and Selection of Emissaries for 2010 Expo
      To promote Chinese cultural traditions, incorporate into the city’s historical context, and further illuminate the theme of “Better City, Better Life”, the organizing committee, based on the success of the four previous annual events of Appraisal and Selection of Expo Emissaries, further expand the scale, inviting students from colleges, middle schools and primary schools both home and abro...
  • “Young Expo Reporters Team” of Expo Emissaries
    Guided by: Bureau of the Shanghai World Expo Coordination Shanghai Municipal Education Commission China Communist Youth League Shanghai CommitteeOrganized by: Wenhui-Xinmin United Press GroupUndertaken by: Shanghai Kunlun Translation Co., Ltd.[Brief Introduction to Expo Emissaries]The Organizing Committee of the Appraise and Selection of Expo Emissaries f...
  • Selection and Training of Personnel Engaging in Foreign-related Matters
    During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, we cooperated with Japan Media Co., Ltd. and designated special personnel to assist in the live broadcasting of NHK TV station, through which we have won Media’s trust and were consigned to designate 25 persons fluent in Japanese to work for MURASAKI established by KIKIKOMAN Inc. in Japanese Industry Pavilion. And the 25 persons from our company, after tra...
  • Concluding Party of Japanese Industry Pavilion at Shanghai Expo
    After the memorable 180 days, the Expo went to an end, leaving all who had participated in it an unforgettable experience.To celebrate the successful closing of the Expo, leaders of the Japanese Industry Pavilion consigned us to hold a grand closing party, which, full of joyfulness, happiness and pride, was embedded in everyone’s memory.
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