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Appraisal and Selection of Emissaries for 2010 Expo


  To promote Chinese cultural traditions, incorporate into the city’s historical context, and further illuminate the theme of “Better City, Better Life”, the organizing committee, based on the success of the four previous annual events of Appraisal and Selection of Expo Emissaries, further expand the scale, inviting students from colleges, middle schools and primary schools both home and abroad to join in the Appraisal and Selection of Emissaries for 2010 Expo, with a view to guide the youth to take part in the advertising, promoting, reception and services of Shanghai Expo as the host, avail of this opportunity to present Shanghai’s culture to the world, introduce the community life of common people as well as beautiful buildings in Shanghai to foreigners, thus adequately displaying the harmonious beauty and charm of Shanghai. Through this activity, the youth are expected to give free rein to their imagination for Shanghai’s future, influence and lead their family members to participate in, promote and make contributions to Shanghai Expo, creating an ardent atmosphere, making full use of the opportunities produced by Shanghai Expo, as well as fostering and retaining a team of excellent Expo volunteers.

Guided by: Bureau of the Shanghai World Expo Coordination

Organized by: Wenhui-Xinmin United Press Group

Undertaken by: KSTV Innovative Culture Promotion Center

Designated websites: http://expo2010china.com   http://www.news365.com.cn

The Appraisal and Selection of Emissaries for 2010 Expo is divided into the following parts:

Youth Talent Contest of Expo

Youth Cartoon and Animation Contest of Expo

Youth English Contest of Expo

Selection of Young Ushers for Expo (undertaken by Kunlun Translation)

Youth Speech Contest of Expo

Selection of Young Reporters for Expo (undertaken by Kunlun Translation)

National Selection of Expo Emissaries

Fingerprint Collection Activity Entitled “Hand in Hand to Welcome Expo” (undertaken by Kunlun Translation)

A glimpse of past events:

Foreign Cultural Exchange:

1. “Experience—A Trip to Aichi”, the Expo emissary delegation paid a visit to Aichi, Japan

2. The Expo emissary delegation paid a visit to the site of Expo 1988 Brisbane Australia.

3. The Expo emissary delegation paid a visit to five colleges in Hong Kong.

4. The Expo emissary delegation paid a visit to Singapore and Malaysia.

5. The Expo emissary delegates participated in the activity of “the day of young ambassadors” during the 35th Anniversary of the Establishment of Sino-Australia Diplomatic Relationship

Public benefit activities with Expo-related themes:

1. Creation Contest of Environment-friendly Handicrafts among Expo Emissaries

2. Soliciting articles with the theme of being aware of honor and disgrace, and complying with etiquette from Expo emissaries

3. In Shanghai Botanical Garden, the “Trees Protection Base of Expo Emissaries—Expo Woods” was built with funds contributed by Expo emissaries.

Establishment of “Base of Animal Adoption by Expo Emissaries” in Shanghai Wild Animal Park

1. The Expo emissary delegates participated in the startup and shooting of a new Shanghai Expo trailer

2. Online solicitation of articles themed “Lovely Community, Beautiful Home” from Expo emissaries

3. Expo English contest and saloon of Expo emissaries

4. Comprehensive competence debate for becoming young ushers for Expo

5. Photo contest themed “Harmonious Community, Beautiful Home” for welcoming Expo

For a better future – Charity Event of “Hand in Hand to Welcome Expo with Smile” between Expo Emissaries and Students from Migrant Families

1. Harmonious Community, Beautiful Home – charity event of Expo emissaries in communities

2. English summer camp of Expo emissaries

3. Summer camp of little editors in chief

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