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  1. Upholding the customer-oriented principle, the above quotation contains fixed prices that ensure high quality and considerate services.

  2. To guarantee accurate translation, we’d highly appreciate it if you could provide legible documents.

  3. As requirements for translation are different in different languages, the quotation varies. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any question or need any further information.

Notes to customers:

  1. We utilize the “Character” under “Word count” function in the pull-down menu of “Tool” in Microsoft Word of MS WORD to count the number of words.

  2. If no electronic version is available for the original document, the customer should provide a hard copy, and the number of words shall be counted by multiplying “row” by ”line”. The final number of words counted shall be subject to the customer’s confirmation.

Remarks: The above quotation is divided into three levels:

Standard - Level A - standard translation + proofreading by experts

High quality - Level AA - high quality translation + proofreading by experts.

Publishing - Level AAA - high quality translation + (dual proofreading: experts + native speakers)

  • General documents: including business letter, company profile, advertisement, invitation, business report, popular scientific material and other non-technical documents.

  • Documents concerning proprietary technology: including product specification, user manual, technical document, academic paper, medical material, installation guide, etc.

  • Documents concerning special technology: including contract, bidding document, patent documentation, legal/arbitration document, notarization document, government instrument, corporate annual report, etc.

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